Shush Tar

Augmented Reality


The Shush Tar is an Augmented Reality project which is inspired by a complicated irrigation system from the Sassanid era in the island city of Shushtar in Iran, which works together as a hydraulic system.

I often visited this town when I was a child since it was where my grandma came from. The area of the waterfalls was joined to the residential neighborhoods overlooking the complex by hand-built stone stairways with hundreds of steps. Seeing all of the waterfalls, mill constructions, and nested rooms in the area, all of which were built of stone carvings and stone walls right in the center of the city, was really inspirational for me.

This project comprises three houses and waterfalls created in blender and developed as AR project in X Code, which are operated by a software-generated app. People would use sound and motion to interact with objects on their phones, read my poems, and navigate across the site.
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