I, Saffron

By Margaryta Golovchenko A warm sensation arises inside of me as I step into the Joan Goldfarb Visual Arts Study Centre. Originally a storage space for artwork that has recently been converted into a small gallery as part of a pilot project, the space is small and cozy.

Self-Portraits: A Series of Paintings

This collection was primarily inspired by Niroobakhsh's own immigration process and story. In her mind, Iran was heaven and leaving everything behind felt like an accidental journey. Entering an unknown future in a foreign land would be difficult. She took countless pictures of herself screaming/falling down a set of stairs, or on top of...

Telling the story of Iranian women through art (PHOTOS)

Artclvb.com, Your Middle East Sara Niroobakhsh illustrates with artistry the ongoing conflict between the desires and ambitions of Iranian women. Originally from southern Iran, Sara Niroobakhsh is a Toronto-based visual artist. Holding a Master's degree in Illustration from Art University in Tehran, she has been working as a painter, photographer, and video artist since 2008.

Sara Niroobakhsh

Sara Niroobakhsh

"سيلفي" والمجتمع خلفي

إذا كان محمد الشمري، مسيطراً كل السيطرة على نصه الفني لناحية التقنية، فإن الفنانة رانيا سارا نيروبخش، ربما تعيش نوعاً من التناقض ما بين أعمالها المعبرّة عن مجتمع إيرانيّ محافظ، وما تقوله في تقديمها لأعمالها المدن

Emerging Creatives, KHALEEJesque Magazine. Jan/Feb 2015. ISSUE 13

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