Lactation Induction Engine

Bio-Hacking: Multi-Media 

2021- 2022

SAIC Washington Galleries 

Mana Contemporary Art, Chicago (forthcoming)

This project delves into the function of our productive host organs, such as the breasts, within our bodies. Are they solely responsible for serving others, or can they function independently? In September 2021, I devised a plan for intense pumping sessions and embarked on the project. I meticulously documented the entire procedure through photography and filming during each session. Furthermore, this project, akin to various other durational art forms, incorporates additional concepts that transcend gender-related contexts.

Due to the overwhelming physical strain induced by the mechanical effect of the pumping machine, I decided to integrate new media elements to lend credibility to this fabrication within my body. Utilizing sound and listening to a baby's crying, watching breastfeeding-related videos, and even creating a perfume infused with the scent of new borns, I endeavored to emulate the effects of hormones and medication. In the subsequent phase, I amalgamated all these formats to create an immersive VR and AR environment. Additionally, I devised a lactation bag to facilitate the procedure when I was outside.

During the 18th week of the project, an ultrasound confirmed the activation of breast ducts, and by the 21st week, the first colostrum began to flow.

Poetry is a form of expression where the language has become more creative. When we want something in the absence of something else, the body can be inventive as well. When we are blind, we perceive differently, when we are deaf, we sense sounds and when there is no baby nor pregnancy, we can lactate. This is precisely the poetics I imagined. No baby, body lactate.

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