Eight Weeks Letter to Saffron

Performance Art


The Eight Weeks letter to Saffron is a performance project that reflects the workings and poetics of Saffron, the beloved jewel of Persian cuisine. In this project, I set up an immersive device for this project, converting text into a simulation of light. This generates a communication medium that can be visually perceived. You can sense it, observe it, and communicate in different forms of invisible messages consciously.
Based on its intensity and other parameters, the light may be interpreted in different ways. Additionally, by rhythm and light intensity, the device not only transforms the typed letters through rays of light but also transmits what the narrator plants in the text. Within the unit, over 8 weeks of typing, various components produce light that the users need for saffron bulbs to grow.
Repeated typing may trigger the shift in the frequency of light. LED lamp is an artificial source of light benefiting plant from outside, because of the structure's walls and ceiling obscure the heat. This method is open to interpretation and as a result of interactive media, can be perceived as a platform between the viewer, narrator, and plant. A performance that incorporates aspects of Persian culture, along with the fusion of modern technology, will allow for a natural engagement between the live artwork and the audience. Special thanks to my advisor Professor Eduardo Kac, and my friend Michael Powel.
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