The Art School Interview Details You Want To Know

Let me start by saying congrats on your art school interview! This is a very exciting step in the art school process, and chances are, if you have been invited for an interview, you’re just an inch away from getting in! Now you need to nail the interview to make sure that the school knows they need you in their program! Do not forget if you’re hoping to receive a scholarship, an interview can make all the difference.

When invited to discuss your portfolio in art school admissions interviews, some students crumble under the pressure, which is why a little preparation goes a long way. Even though your portfolio should speak for itself, your interview is an opportunity to explain it fully, so make the most of this chance. Peel back the layers of your work and give a sense of a technical and creative progression. 

Show you are curious about the world and share any interesting experiences or interests that might reveal something interesting about you. Check out the university’s website and get a feel for school life by reading the school’s online newspaper and Facebook and Twitter posts. By showing your knowledge of university events, you demonstrate your commitment to and interest in becoming part of the campus community.

Many applicants, however, do not have the possibility to travel a great distance for what will most likely amount to a 45-minute conversation. Admissions officers prefer face-to-face interviews but, compared to phone calls, video interviews offer more insight into the prospective student’s personality. It happened to me as well when I’d been invited for interview for three programs from two art schools in U.S. If you are in Skpe already just double check if your profile picture is fine and be sure to test out the microphone and camera on your device and ensure they’re in working order.  

Skype or in person interview, you need to be friendly! Not overly friendly—if you aren’t generally a talkative person, don’t use the day of your interview to become overly chatty. Smile, be confident, and be friendly. Clothing is important but light colours are always look you brighter and professional. Make sure to keep hair and makeup simple. 

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